Hoboken COVID-19 Antibody Testing May 20, 2020

  • Anti-body COVID-19 Test
  • Administered at the point of care

PRE-REGISTRER NOW Registration does not guarantee a time slot, slots are given on a lottery basis with preference to physical need and first responders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on what you selected in the form to pre-register, we will use your preferred method to notify you. If you selected email and SMS (text message) you will be notified via both methods (email and text message).
The accuracy of the data you provide is very important, especially your location and your contact information. All data you provide in the form is input via our HTTPS link (Secure Hyper Text). Power Analytics is a 15+ year company used by some of the most important Federal Agencies (Department of Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense) as well as financial institutions and other critical infrastructure. Inspire Health Alliance, LLC manages Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) with a focus on providing primary care physicians with the resources they need to provide better patient care and reap the benefits of Medicare's Shared Savings program.